It's a great feeling to see responses coming in, but how do you stay in front of these people and ensure they don't forget you when it's time for a real estate transaction?

Why Follow-Up Is Important In Real Estate Industry

As a real estate agent, you may have invested a significant amount of time and effort into creating a drip campaign that resonates with your target audience. It’s a great feeling when you start receiving responses from potential clients. However, the question remains: How do you maintain a lasting impression and ensure that they don’t forget about you when it’s time for a real estate transaction? Why follow-up is important in real estate industry?

In this article, we will explore some effective strategies to stay top-of-mind with your real estate leads using Drip Campaigns. By implementing these tips, you can establish a strong and lasting relationship with your clients, ultimately leading to increased sales and success in your real estate career.

First, it is important not to make assumptions about your leads until you have gotten to know them. One effective way to do this is by putting them on a course and sending drip campaigns to them. It is important to keep these campaigns running until they either request to be removed or are ready to proceed. It is also important to remember that just because they do not respond immediately, it does not necessarily mean they are not interested. Timing is everything in this process. Your primary objective should be to maintain contact and remain at the forefront of their minds. Failure to do so may result in them forgetting about you altogether.

Ensure that your drip campaigns are of sufficient length. A mere two-week campaign is insufficient to achieve the desired results. Therefore, it is recommended that you create longer campaigns that are more effective in generating leads. If you require assistance in this regard, we are happy to provide our expertise. You can also read our blog on “WHERE TO GET CONTENT FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE DRIP CAMPAIGNS” HERE.

It is important to note that lead generation companies are not lead converters. Therefore, it is not advisable to leave the conversion process entirely in their hands. If you have hired a company to run ads for you and they have integrated the campaign, they will likely activate the standard basic buyer campaign that your CRM has. However, it is essential to communicate your desired outcome to them. You need to specify the target audience and the message that the ad should convey.

One effective tip for successful marketing campaigns is to consistently send updated listings and market updates to potential clients until they request to stop. By doing so, you are educating them, offering assistance, and responding promptly, which helps to build trust. When you respond quickly, clients will appreciate your efforts and become more engaged with your content. As a result, they will be more likely to express interest in the properties you are promoting. Check out our blog “Marketing Ideas” HERE.

If a client expresses disinterest in your current offerings, it is important to offer to send them something more tailored to their preferences. It is also crucial to maintain a long-term campaign to continue educating and engaging clients.


To effectively manage your campaign, it is essential to understand its content and how to offer listings without obligation. Remember, a lead is not dead until they opt out, so it is important to regularly check their activity and preferences. Utilize notifications and website analytics to stay informed about their interests and activity.

By implementing these strategies, you can create a successful real estate marketing campaign that engages potential clients and builds trust, ultimately leading to increased sales and success in the real estate industry.

Important - Why Follow-Up Is Important In Real Estate Industry

Maintaining a consistent presence in front of your leads is really important. It is imperative to ensure that you are delivering the appropriate message to the appropriate audience. It is also important to ensure that your drip campaigns are of sufficient length, and that you do not make any assumptions about your leads until you have a better understanding of them.

Additionally, it is essential to keep your leads informed with updated listings and market updates until they request otherwise.

Continuously educating them and responding promptly to their inquiries is also vital. By adhering to these guidelines, you will remain at the forefront of your leads’ minds and be the go-to person when they are ready to engage in a real estate transaction.

Patti Sampson

Patti Sampson

Having prospected tens of thousands of leads in her top-producing real estate and consulting businesses, Patti is a CRM and Drip Campaign Specialist for Real Estate and Small Businesses. As the Founder/Owner of both and for Agents, she is an Agent Helping Agents to efficiently and effectively manage their Real Estate business and databases to convert more leads to sales consistently.
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