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Training & Coaching

Patti Sampson has worked thousands of real estate leads and trained thousands of agents on the subject of lead generation and conversion through automating and organizing.

Training, Consulting and Coaching Opportunities are available with Patti for you, your team or brokerage.  Learn more about Training with Campaign Packages and Schedule Training a Free 60-Minute Breakthrough Strategy Session Call with Patti.  In your call, Patti will discuss your goals and challenges and strategize ways to automate and organize your real estate or lending business to close more of your expensive leads faster!  Just Click below to learn more about how Patti has helped real estate pros like you and Schedule your FREE Strategy Session now!

Drip Campaigns (3)

Responsive & Engaging Email & Text Drip Campaigns

As real estate agents, we at ExposedAgent.com have worked thousands of buyer, seller and tenant rental leads using several different CRM’s through the years. We have converted countless real estate transactions with the help of our drip campaign content. Our goal for every campaign is to automate your prospecting with personal and meaningful engagement  so you can convert more leads to sales.  All of our campaigns have been written by agents for agents!

Campaigns are prebuilt in our preferred CRM, LionDesk and many of our campaigns are also downloadable in WORD format.  Click below to learn about all of the available Campaign and Best Value Campaign Bundles!

Guides & Lead Magnets

Wishing you had an item of value aka “Lead Magnet” to entice opt-in and sign-ups in your marketing ads, social media posts or on your website? We have your solution!

Real Estate Guides for Buyers, Seller and Tenants can be used as offers to collect names and contact information of future prospects and provide valuable education to your existing database.  Consumers will work with agents they trust!  Guides help you to engage your leads and prospects while helping to build that trust. Building trust helps you to convert more sales!  

Click Below to Learn More about our Brandable Lead Magnet Guides

Real Estate Lead Generation Funnels


It’s the PREMIER Agent-in-a-Box Lead Generation Tool!  Our NEW Lead Gen Funnels will include everything you need to entice an opt-in and sign up AND will provide built-in matching drip campaigns with each landing page offer!  Our new funnels will each include an Opt-In Landing Page, Downloadable Instant Guide Offer, Listing Information, Follow-up Text & Email and Optional Ad Specific Drip Campaigns.  We Can’t Wait!  Stay tuned for our new lead generation tools.

Stay Tuned for the roll-out of our high-end lead producing Landing Page Funnels COMING SOON!

ExposedAgent University – Become a Member

Increase your Online Exposure, Generate, Organize & Automate! Stay up to date on what you must do to stay on top of the ever-changing digital marketing arena! What’s included in our University Membership for Real Estate Professionals

  • Private Membership Website access with Live monthly Technology Training, Ask the Agent Q & A Sessions and Live Guest Expert Podcasts, and more!
  • Facebook Community Group – Request help and learn from the group, ask questions, get feedback, add to group discussions and stay in the loop when new member training and content is available!
  • Member Discounts on ExposedAgent Products.