Email Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents Quite Simply is the Most Powerful Tool You Have

Email marketing for real estate agents is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with your clients in a meaningful way and stand out from your competition. It’s also a great way to grow your network of potential clients and referrals.

Digital marketing is comprised of a variety of marketing strategies used in the digital world. Email marketing is absolutely the number one most effective form of digital marketing.

As we all know, real estate is a competitive industry. In fact, according to the real estate educator Tom Ferry, 87% of real estate agents leave the industry within five years because they don’t earn enough. 

In real estate, you want to be the top-of-mind person for all potential leads and you need to continually build your network by consistently marketing yourself. This is called “nurturing.”

Why is email the best medium for nurturing your potential buyers and sellers?

Here are my 4 biggest reasons for using email marketing for real estate agents:

1. Email creates a relationship.

It’s the absolute best way to build relationships with your customers and prospects. The intimacy of an email will ultimately convert your stale leads to hot leads. Your emails can be personalized by automation.

Real Estate Agent Follow Up

2. Potential clients can learn from you.

It’s a statistic, homebuyers spend three weeks looking for a new home on their own before contacting a real estate agent. If these leads don’t find a home on their own, they’ll decide to hire a real estate agent. Don’t you want to be that agent? If you nurture the relationship correctly by giving them an education about the area, they’ll likely only have to look into their own inbox to find the right real estate agent to work with. In order to educate these buyers about the home buying process, you will use email marketing to give them the information in order to stay in their radar.

3. Email puts you in control.

Email marketing gives you the power to send messages directly to your customers and prospects, whenever you want, wherever they are. It’s the perfect tool for creating customer loyalty and repeat business. The best thing you can invest in is a CRM built just for real estate agents. If the CRM is proactive, it will have all the intimate email templates built in to drip campaigns that keep your business active in their inbox (but not too active). The whole process is automated – which gives you the time to shake hands and establish your connections with your contacts.

4. Everyone uses email.

Email is the most used communication method online. It’s also the best way to reach your target audience of any demographic. That means that if you want to reach specific groups of buyers or sellers, you can use email to do it. Best of all, if you do choose to use a real estate agent CRM, you can set the whole system up to target without a whole lot of fuss.

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Believe it or not, there are more than two million active real estate licenses in the US, which means the competition for clients is tough. Having high engagement by using email marketing for real estate agents can ensure that your customers are paying attention to your content and remember you when it’s time to sell or buy a home.

Email marketing for real estate agents is the most powerful tool to help you achieve your earning goals. By choosing the right email marketing software (CRM) and planning strategically you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

Contributing Editor – Andrea Hendrix

Patti Sampson

Patti Sampson

Having prospected tens of thousands of leads in her top-producing real estate and consulting businesses, Patti is a CRM and Drip Campaign Specialist for Real Estate and Small Businesses. As the Founder/Owner of both and for Agents, she is an Agent Helping Agents to efficiently and effectively manage their Real Estate business and databases to convert more leads to sales consistently.
Associate Broker - Realtor® in Arizona

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