12 Month – 14 touch
DON’T LET ANYONE FORGET YOU ARE AN AGENT!  Remind your Sphere, Family & Friends what you do…
For Any Prospects, Friends, Family, Sphere, Referrals and Past/Closed Clients.  Send one Email a month with two text touches throughout the year with buyer/seller tips and fun and informative content.   HINT:  Turn on this campaign along-side any buyer or seller campaign or blast out a  listing/market email template every month for even more helpful touches throughout the year.  This campaign includes Engaging Emails and Texts that are scheduled for 12+ months. The campaign consists of 14 templates.   All descriptions, subject lines, and mail merge fields for your chosen CRM and recommended timing are provided too! Here is more about our Sphere campaign:
  • Sphere Campaign:  No matter the type of contact in your database, this campaign will help you to remind your “people” that you are, or should be, their agent of choice when/if the time arises that they need real estate help.  Everyone in your database needs to hear from you.  This is a great campaign for touching any or all of your contacts and asking for referrals too! 


Sphere Template

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