Who Is Patti?


Agent Consultant, CRM Specialist & Licensed Associate Broker

WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE! I am excited for an opportunity to to help you navigate the challenging world of lead generation, CRM’s, social media, online advertising, real estate websites, Messenger BOTS, retargeting, drip campaigns, real estate teams, and and everything that stresses you out about lead automation, organization, and converting your leads to sale in this new digital world. As a real estate professional, I know your challenges because I have walked in your shoes and have experienced how difficult it is to do it all and balance our real estate life with our personal life.

WHO AM I? I am a licensed real estate broker in Arizona. I have worked thousands of online real estate leads for a large national lead-generating brokerage, managed my own brokerage, as well as a 100+ team of agents over the past years at one of the oldest and largest brokerages in the Phoenix metro area. I have been fortunate to have converted/sold thousands of personal and team real estate transactions here in the large Phoenix metro real estate market. Prior to getting my license in 2004, I spent 17 years in the legal field with years of experience negotiating, writing and customer service.

My passion today is providing help to agents around the country with their online business, lead generation/conversion and database management. I still do a little real estate too!

My goal is to help agents Lead Generate, Automate and Organize their businesses. What I bring to the table is experience as a Broker/Agent working the business… not a tech person explaining what you should do with some software. I have trained thousands of agents across the county on the subject of lead generation and conversion within numerous CRM’s. Today, I share my experience with you because, let’s face it, we did not go to real estate school to learn marketing. We all need some help!

Let me help you cut through all the noise to Generate, Automate and Organize your business so you can immediately start to convert more of your expensive real estate leads!

Learn more of my story and how I have helped thousands like you in my short Podcast Message – Agent to Agent!

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From training thousands of Agents to Generate, Organize & Automate Lead Follow-Up, Patti shares her experience and knowledge as a top producing real estate agent to help others to close more of their expensive leads.

In addition to the tried and true automated drip campaigns that Patti has used in her own successful real estate business, Patti offers a coaching program to help you implement best practices in your business so you can stop the dreaded up and down cycle of lead generation without conversion. Balance out your life and create a more consistent income starting today!

The most important thing to do is to get your follow-up plan in place BEFORE you spend any more time or money on lead generation. To get the highest return of investment, top producers are using Patti’s Email and Text campaigns in an easy-to-use and affordable CRM, prebuilt and ready to use fast. No copying and pasting! No confusing set-up in a CRM you never use or hate. This is the automation-in-a-box system that will get your database cleaned up fast and get every prospect on long-term, engaging campaigns that make sense and will actually get a response to help you to convert more of your prospects into closings. The top producers who have gone through Patti’s course are also getting the training and secret strategies Patti has used in her own business to stay top of mind and prevent loss of sale opportunities in their databases.

Join Patti in her popular Real Estate Lead Automation Course and get hours of training and all the drip campaigns you need – pre-built and ready to adapt to your business. In this program, you also get the lead conversion coaching that will help you to close more of your old leads, new leads, sphere, and online business in an organized and engaging system Patti has created and developed over years of working as an agent herself. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Stop beating your head against the wall. Get it all and learn from a Top Producer who has walked in your shoes!

This program is for the serious Real Estate Pro who wants to make Serious changes in their business. Let’s get you more Automated & Organized so you can balance your work and personal life, relieve the stresses of trying to be in two places at once and get on the road to making more money in the next 12 months. If you implement this program, you will see a huge difference in your business because your prospects will be reaching out to you instead of the other way around!

What would just ONE MORE CLOSING A MONTH do for you, your income? FIGURE IT OUT! The changes this program will also make in your quality of life will be priceless!

The cost of this program will most likely be less than one commission check! If you are ready to invest in growing your business to the next level, schedule your Free 60 Minute Strategy Session Call with Patti Now!