Buyer/Seller Campaign Bundle in LionDesk
December 13, 2017
December 16, 2017
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10 Pack Campaign Bundle in LionDesk


AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD!  If you have a diverse real estate business and do it all (or want to do it all), get the popular 10 Pack Campaign Bundle built right in LionDesk CRM. Purchase this package and receive FREE Recurring Listing and Market Update templates, a Free Holiday Campaign and a Training Video on best practices and editing the campaigns.  NOTE:  This bundles does not include any of the campaigns in WORD, as they are already pre-loaded into LionDesk.  We do offer campaigns in WORD separately. Here are the Campaigns and Video Training included in this Bundle!

  1. Online Buyer Campaign
  2. Buyer Re-Engagement Campaign
  3. Open House Buyer Campaign
  4. Buyer Guide Campaign
  5. Seller Valuation Campaign
  6. Seller Re-Engagement Campaign
  7. FSBO/Expired Campaign
  8. Seller Guide Campaign
  9. Sphere Campaign
  10. Tenant-Rental Campaign
  11. Recurring Listing & Market Update Templates
  12. FREE Holiday Campaign
  13. FREE Video Training on Accessing & Editing Campaigns

When you Purchase the engaging campaigns we will request you provide us login info to access your LionDesk account so that we can install them for you.  The installation will be within 24-48 hours or less.