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Because I know that not every CRM shoe fits everyone, SO the answer is YES! I have extensive experience working and training in several different CRM’s, including KVCore, LionDesk, Follow-up Boss, Chime, Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks, to name a few.  I can help you and your team or brokerage and even if I don’t know your CRM, I have a special power to learn CRM software quick. I also offer drip campaigns for most of these CRM’s too, so be sure to learn more about those HERE.  

YES, I do! Although my favorite EngageMore CRM includes over 30 of my proven and prebuilt campaigns with need to copy and paste, I know you may not want to change CRM’s so I do have a package of drip campaigns in WORD format that can be built into your favorite software. You can order and build them yourself, or we can build them for you. I also give you video tutorials for all the popular real estate CRM tools out there. Learn more about my drip campaigns and the packages I sell HERE.

As a matter of fact, one my favorite things to do is train LIVE to a group.  These days, I can train via Zoom webinar and I also will travel.  If you are a title company, lender or local association, I would love an opportunity to set up a training for your agent world.  More closings means retention and that is what I am all about!  Let’s get every agent closing more. I take this off your plate, so let’s chat.  Contact me and let’s set up a call. 

Although I made a decision in my business to focus mainly on CRM and follow-up to convert more of our leads, I do have amazing referrals for ad folks that do an incredible job. I know, because I have used them.  So, if you are interested in ads, CONTACT ME and I will send you over my favorite marketing folk.  

Earlier on this page, I gave you some information about one of my favorite IDX search lead sites I highly recommend these days.  You really should check out Easy Agent Pro!  Not only do they provide you some of the most robust lead generating registration options available, but they are also WordPress based which is amazing for search engine optimization. And.. the bonus is my powerful EngageMore CRM integrates directly too. When a lead signs up, you want your leads loading automatically into your CRM (whichever you use), and make sure a highly effective and engaging drip campaign starts to run immediately. No matter which website you use, be sure you own it!  If you ever change brokerages, you can change the logo, put the site in your pocket and move without losing all the hard work you have put into growing and building your website.  Easy Agent Pro  will also waive your set up fees and give you a special monthly discount too when you tell them I sent you.  Contact Easy Agent Pro HERE TO LEARN MORE AND SIGN UP! 

Yes! If you are an individual agent looking for answers to some questions about my services,  you can schedule a 15 minute call for free. Get answers to your questions about my programs, campaigns, CRM or services. Schedule your call HERE

If you are looking for personal coaching, I do have coaching packages available.  To get started click here and fill out this form and let me know what kind of help you need and I will get back to you to discuss your options for help.  START HERE 

If you are a team or brokerage looking to get help for your agents or curious about my EngageMore CRM Whitelabel options, LET TALK! Please start here and let me know what you are looking for.  CONTACT ME and let’s set up a call.

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